Yogyakarta, 3-5 Oct 2017


Wouldn’t it fantastic if your team is healthy, happy and productive with minimal turnover and medical leaves? This highly interactive course will open with discussions on the nature of stress and proceed to demonstrate to participants an insight to the causes of physical and psychological effects of corporate stress. Participants will learn to identify the signs and symptoms of a burn-out and what can be done to relieve stress at a personal level.

A section of the training will coach the participants on “embracing stress” exercises using various proven methods and resilient thinking. Time management will also be highlighted with the focus being placed on managing workload, delegation and prioritisation. They will also be taught how to develop a positive outlook and gain work satisfaction through emotional management including a section on anger management. This is a complete training program for better stress management, self-esteem, and techniques for staying positive at work. Information is presented in ahumorous and relaxed manner, and hands on activities will be used to reinforce learning points.


Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  1. Understand the study of stress and its impact
  2. Appreciate that stress can be converted to be positive , and is an unavoidable aspect of everyone’s life
  3. Recognise the symptoms that demonstrate that one is being plagued by chronic stress
  4. Identify situations is life which can cause a great deal of stress
  5. Employ physical and mental techniques to deal with stress
  6. List tactics for successful time management
  7. Implement methods that help one prioritise, determine what is really important and manage day to day tasks
  8. Change the situations and actions that can be changed and deal better with situations and actions that cannot be changed
  9. Demonstrate techniques for interacting with difficult people
  10. Create reachable goals for work, home and play to help reduce and manage stress


  1. Stress in the Workplace
  • What is Stress
  • The Impact of Stress in the Organisation
  • Assess Your Personal Stress Levels
  • Measuring Absence & Turnover due to Stress
  • Organisational Influence on Stress
  • Your Role as Leader, Team Member, Individual
  1. Stress & Personalities
  • How Different Individuals React to Stress
  • Self-Contempt versus Self-Esteem
  • Determine the Stressors in Life
  • The General Adaptive Syndrome
  • Basic Relaxation Techniques
  • Avoiding a Burnout
  1. Change & Stress
  • Why Change May Lead to Stress
  • Understanding Stress- The Cause & Effect
  • Understanding Individual Characteristics when Dealing with Stress
  • Environmental & Occupational Stress
  1. Embracing Stress
  • How Stress can be POSITIVE!
  • Rational Emotive Behavioural Training (REBT)
  • Stress Management Techniques and Toolbox: Stress-Reliever Techniques
  • Something We Know is Proven, But Don’t Practice!
  • Time Management Techniques
  • Achieving Personal Greatness
  • Stress Management Action Planning


Everyone who feels that stress is interfering with their ability to reach their full career potential and need coaching to reach their peak performance and experience a new height of greatness in their professional as well as personal lives.


Fauzan Asmara, SE, S.Psi, MM dan tim


Tanggal: 3-5 Oct 2017

Tempat: Gedung Jogja Training Career Center, Yogyakarta


Rp. 4.000.000,-/ participant (Non Residencial)

*Dapat DISCOUNT 10 % untuk minimal pengiriman 3 peserta ( dalam satu perusahaan )


  • Convinience Meeting room
  • 2x coffee break and lunch during training
  • Training kit
  • Hard and soft copy material (USB Flashdisk)
  • Certificate
  • Souvenir



Customer Relation Officer

Cp : 082314331395


Enhancing Your Talent

Head Office :

Gedung Talenta Harmoni

Parangtritis km 6.5 Prancak, Dukuh, Bantul

Yogyakarta, Indonesia 55188

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